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Race Dibs

Running an efficient and safe race requires a coordinated effort of a large group of club members. A typical race starts at 9:30 or 10:00 am and we aim to be off the hill by 2:30 or 3:00 pm. The “chief” and “head” positions require some email communication leading up to race day, and coordination of workers on race day.

A portion of the race entry fee paid by each racers covers fees assessed on the club by USSA, NHARA and Gunstock. The revenue that remains goes towards the club’s operating expenses. All members are required to work races. Race Sign-up is usually in early December

We encourage you to find a job that suits you, something you like to do. If you are not a strong skier but like being out where the action is, then try gatekeeping or scoreboard. If you definitely want to be inside, then registration or timing. If you are into cooking for a crowd and unable to work outside, take one or two lunch making DIBS. If you are a strong skier and like being involved with the race, then become a course worker. Every one of these jobs is vital, and we seek to have a group of parents who enjoy putting on a very well-run race. Once you find a job you like, then

Become an expert and teach others. Ask questions, attend our race worker training, ask to shadow someone who is already an expert.

Dibs Coordinator
Jean Rutan

Race Administrator
Scott Wilkinson

AO Coordinator
Jean Rutan