Open the Dibs module by selecting the “Dibs” option from the Main Menu on the club’s website. The “Available Sessions” section shows all open sessions. For example you may see the “Francis Piche Invitational” session and "General Race" session.

Available Sessions

After selecting a Dibs session and you will see something similar to the following:

Dibs Items

The Date, Location, Category, Credit Value, and Status at the top are filters that control which positions are displayed. After changing any of these selections you must press the "Filter Dib Items" button on the left to update the list.  

  • The Date Range selection allows you control the date of the events are visible. It is very common for people to not see any dibs because the date range is not correct. I find it easiest to set the date range for the entire season (Dec 1 - Apr 1) and use the Location filter to limit what is displayed. Keep the “Has Date/Time” is checked, otherwise dibs are not displayed. 
  • The Location to indicate the name and date of the event. Select the race/date of the event you want to work In the Location field.
  • The Category field is used to group positions together. The four categories are: Course, Gates,  Timing and Registration. 
  • The Alpine Official positions are assigned prior to opening Dibs to all members.  This is done for positions that require certifications. The assigned person is listed in parentheses after the position name; if you see (open) then no one is currently assigned. If you are one of the people that have been pre-assigned a position, you still need to claim the position. If you see an unfilled position and have the necessary credentials, you may claim the position.
  • The Status field is used to display All, Claimed or Unclaimed dib items. If you are looking for a position to work, select “Unclaimed”.
  • The Credit Value field is not used at this time (leave it blank).