The following provides a quick introduction of the roles and responsibilities of each position. The square brackets after the position name indicate whether the position requires a certification [c], are staffed by non-club members [n] and/or carry radios [r].

The Jury

The Technical Delegate, Referee and Chief of Race form the Jury and together are responsible for adjudicating any disputes raised by competitors or coaches. The Start and Finish Referees are advisors to the Jury.

Technical Delegate [cnr]- The Technical Delegate (TD) is responsible for ensuring the rules and directions of USSA are observed, to see that the event runs smoothly, to verify that the requirements of the Homologation report are met.

Referee [cnr]- A visiting coach is selected to be the Referee. This is often done the morning of the race, but may be done sooner. The Referee represents all the competitors and coaches, and must be certified as a Referee or Technical Delegate..

Chief of Race [cr]- The Chief of Race (CoR) is the final member of the Jury and the first position staffed by a club member.  The CoR has overall responsibility for the event and must be certified as a Chief of Race, Referee or Technical Delegate. The CoR has .

Start Referee [cr]- The Start Referee is responsible for controlling access to the race hill during inspection period and the race. They are the eyes of the CoR at the start, advisors to the Jury and are certified as a Jury Advisor.

Finish Referee [cr]- The Finish Referee is responsible for the finish of the race. They are the eye of the CoR and Timing officials. advisors to the Jury and are certified as a Jury Advisor.


The race administrator, timing officials and gate judges are responsible for scoring the race. Together they ensure that all athletes are registered with USSA and NHARA, set the running order, record times.

Race Administrator [cr]- The Race Administrator (RA) is responsible for registration of athletes for the event, producing start orders, recording final scores and processing faults reported by Gate Judges and reporting results to USSA. The RA must be certified as a Race Administrator. At GSC the Race Administrator is a paid position

Chief of Timing [cr]- The Chief of Timing (CoT) is responsible for supervising, documenting and enforcing the quality control of actual timing and results.

Starter - The Starter is the member of the Timing team that is responsible for starting each racer. They are in radio contact with Timing and help to control the rate racers are put on the course.

Assistant Starter - The Assistant Starter gets racers lined up at the start area.

Timing Booth Computer - Runs the timing computer and communicates with the starter and Chief of Race to determine pace that athletes are put on course.

Timing Booth Announcer - Start the morning helping out with registration and 30 minutes before the start of the race they move into the timing booth to start announcing the race.

Start Hand Timer - Records hand timing at the start. This is a backup in case of a glitch.

Finish Hand Timer - Records hand timing at the finish. This is a backup in case of a glitch.

Gate Judges

Head Gate Judge [r]- The Head Gate Judge is responsible for organizing the Gate Judge team. They count and number gates after the course is set, assign gate judges the gates they are responsible for monitoring, ensure that gate judges understand their responsibilities. The Head Gate Judge collects gate judge score cards at the end of each run and reports the information to the Jury.

Gate Judge - The Gate Judges monitor a section of gate during the race to ensure that all racers pass correctly through the gates. Gate Judges record all faults on a scorecard and report information to the Head Gate Judge at the end of each run.

Course Maintenance

Chief of Course [cr]- The Chief of Course (CoC) is responsible for the preparation of the race hill. They oversee the setup of the start and finish area, and oversee the course workers that maintain the course during the event. The CoC is certified as a Chief of Course, Chief of Race, Referee or Technical Delegate.

Course Workers [r]- Course workers are responsible for setting up and maintaining the race hill during the event. Under the direction of the Chief of Course, course workers set up the start and finish, ensure that safety requirements of the homologation report are in place, and keep the race course as fair as possible for all competitors. They also break-down the start and finish area at the end of the race. The CoC assigns radios to course workers as needed.

Course Workers arrive need to start setting up the start and finish area of the race about 1.5 hours before the official start time and are on the hill until the race finishes and equipment is put away. The CoC generally divides the course workers into three groups to setup the start, finish, and course. This includes setting up timing equipment, speakers, extra fencing and finish corral. Once the race is underway the course workers prepare each run, and at the end of the race they break down the hill.

Registration and Lunch

Head of Registration [r]- The Head of Registration (HoR) oversees the registration staff. The registration staff is responsible for handing out bibs, getting waiver forms signed, collecting entry fees (for some races), race worker sign-in, and collecting bibs at the finish. During a race the Registration team is one of the main groups visiting racers and parents meet and are the face of the club for the event.

Registration - (see Head of Registration)

Lunch - (see the lunch tab above)

Cook - during the 2 night races we cook hamburgers and hot dogs for athletes and coaches, cooks will cook and distribute the food. All the food supplies are brought to the clubhouse by the Race Administrator.