Notes from the Race Administrator

A few helpful hints as you gear up to sign up for races for the 2018-19 ski season.

  • Athletes must be a USSA member to race in USSA events. Depending on your age you may be a YOUTH or a COMPETITOR. If you think your child is going to want to race and he/she is signed up as a club participant then you must sign up and pay for a YOUTH or COMPETITOR license. Starting in 2018-19 U16 and older athletes with a GENERAL membership may race, but will not receive a points profile. 
  • Athletes participating in races must be member of NHARA. USSA requires all athletes to have a state/region affiliation and NHARA is our state organization. You may either register online or print the application, fill it out and send it in. 
  • Except for U12, U14 and U16 qualifiers, all races require pre-registration.  You can register for races online or by mail.
  • To register on line go to either or GSC race are on There is a cost for the convenience (about 6% of the race fee). Personally, I use this platform for last minute race decisions when I am just not sure if the Pony Express will deliver my race entry on time.
  • To register by mail, go to the NHARA website, locate the handbook, and locate the race voucher at the end of the handbook. Make out a check and send it in to each Race Administrator. Addresses for RA’s are also in the NHARA handbook (search for "Entering Races"). Each race requires a separate check for each athlete participating in that race. If you have 3 athletes racing in the Gus Pitou you must write 3 checks.  Coaches sign athletes up for qualifiers. Parents pay race fee on race day. Don’t forget your checkbook! 
  • Races can, and do, fill up (except for qualifiers). If you wait until the last minute you may not get entered. This include our own GSC races. A limit on the number of entries is requires so we can ensure we have enough time complete the event before it gets dark and the mountain closes. In general our races have a limit of 225 for day races, and 175 for night races. 
  • To cancel a race entry contact the Race Administrator 72 hours prior to race day. NHARA rules state that cancellation requests received 72 hours prior to race day will receive a full refund (not including online registration fees). Cancellations received after that time will not be refunded. RA will generally work with you on extenuating circumstances (they all have athletes that race).
  • Learn your athletes USSA number. This is their social security number of ski racing. Make sure you print their card (maybe multiple times) and put it in a good place where it is available for race day. My kids put theirs in a Ziploc sandwich bag and keep it in the pocket of their boot bag. Another option would be to screen shot it and have it in your photos. (Same thing with NHARA card)

This is all I have for now. If you have questions, ask a seasoned parent or you can also contact me via email.

Scott Wilkinson