What are Dibs? Dibs is the name of the module on the website families will use to claim responsibility for work commitments. Access Dibs using the menu option at the top. You will receive an email message when each Dibs session opens.

Why am I required to work a commitment during the Francis Piche Invitational Race? This is not just one race, it is actually 4 races over two days preceded by two training days. On Saturday and Sunday we are running simultaneous races on Cannonball and Tiger and in order to pull this off we need everyone's help.

Can I just pay to not work my race commitment? No. The only exception is if you win the "Race Commitment" bid at the annual dinner auction.

Something has come up and I cannot work a race I signed up for, what do I do? Notify the person you report to for the race (Head Gatekeeper, Chief-of-Course, etc...) and the Dibs coordinator as soon as possible. If you can find a replacement first, that is great, but make sure someone knows as soon as possible.

I missed a commitment, but found a replacement, how do I make up the work commitment? If you found a replacement, then first off: Thank you! They can work for you, or you can agree to switch races. If the arrangement results in your family not working a race, then you need to sign up for another race. Either way, please let the Dibs coordinator know of the change.

My family cannot work the ski sale weekend, what do I do? The ski sale is a huge undertaking and we really need everyone's help. If it is not possible for your family to work the ski sale, please notify the Commitment Coordinator as soon as possible. You may be able to make up the commitment by working an extra race. Before taking this route we ask that you try to find a replacement: a grand parent, another member of the club, another responsible adult, but not your dog.

I've looked at the schedule and I can only work 4 of the 6 required race work commitments. What do I do? Try to find someone to fill in for you: a grand parent, or good friend who want to spend time out side. We ask that you be cognizant of the job you are asking them to do and their ability to do that job. There are members that enjoy working races, some of which may be exempt from their commitments, so don't be afraid to ask around the clubhouse in a pinch. As always, contact the Commitment Coordinator for assistance.

Can my family work more than one commitment at a single race? Yes, but we prefer you let others fill in first. The one exception is the Francis Piche Invitational which is really four races.