During the season each family in the club is

  • asked to contribute to the Annual Dinner Auction
  • required to work at least one shift during the ski sale
  • required to work race commitments with some being during the Francis Piche's weekend (*).

The exact number of races worked is decided in November when we know the number of families we have registered for the year. 


The annual dinner auction is held in mid-January. This fundraiser is currently focused on raising money for a major clubhouse renovation and expansion project.

Families can contribute to the auction by participating on the auction committee, soliciting or purchasing sponsorships, soliciting or providing auction items, making a donation to the auction, or, and best of all, attending the auction with friends.

Ski Sale

The Ski Sale is held the first Saturday in November. This is one of the largest single-day ski sales in the state and has been held by the club since the early 1960's. Running the ski sale involves coordinating with ski shops, executing the marketing plan, setting up three levels of the Gunstock Main Lodge with ski and clothes racks, working the sale and then tearing it all down. Income from the event goes directly into the operating budget.

Each family is required to work at least one shift during the sale. This can be on Friday when ski shops setup and consignment items are dropped off, or Saturday during the sale. Please read the Ski Sale Staffing (login required) page for additional information about how the sale is run and positions that are staffed. 

Race Work

We host a number of races each year, and require each family to work between five and seven race commitments, with one of them occurring during the Francis Piche Invitational race in March. The number of race commitments varies from year-to-year depending on the number of members and number of races being hosted. 

The club takes pride in hosting a well organized races. The jobs required include: registration, coursework, chief-of-race, timing, and making lunch for all the hungry workers. You can find additional information about all the jobs on the Race Jobs section of this site.

Each year during the Christmas holiday break we provide an orientation session for those who have never worked a race before. 

Race sign up occur at the beginning of December. When you sign-up be sure to compare the dates your athletes might be racing  at other mountains to to the Gunstock race schedule.

(*) Parents with only U8 athletes work fewer jobs (usually between 2 an 4 depending on season. The details are announced in early December.


Unfortunately the club has found it necessary to define penalties for families who fail to work ski sale and race commitments. The penalties are:

  • $150 for the first missed commitment
  • $200 for each subsequent missed commitment

We understand "life happens". If you find you are unable to meet a required commitment, please notify the Commitment Coordinator as soon as possible. The FAQ tab has some suggestions on what you can do to help out in this situation.