How do I find directions?
The NHARA guide has driving directions. 
What time do I need to arrive?
In general, we want everyone registered, dressed and on snow in front of the “lodge” no later than 8:30. That means you need to be at the mountain before 8:00 so you can register and leave time for getting ready.
Registration usually requires a NHARA card, a USA card and $20 deposit for the bib. The deposit is returned when you give the bib back. Parents can register their athlete(s) so they can get ready.  The lines can be long and are often setup by bib number and or gender so make sure you are in the right line.
Where do I go?
The site has a links pages to NH ski clubs for more details on away race sites.
It varies by some mountains. At some ski areas you register and get ready, eat lunch etc in one lodge. At others you register at the “race shack” and then get ready in a separate building. We all try and sit together and coaches and other parents can help you find the “usual spot”. 
A few general guidelines:
Pats Peak – Registration upstairs in the main lodge (or possibly at the race shack that is up the hill a ways on the right). The group sits upstairs in the main lodge. It is a short walk to the bottom of the race trail.
Loon – Register at the race building to the right of the Governors lodge. Sit in the main floor of the Governors lodge. The Governors lodge is a right hard turn when you cross the bridge. This is not the side with the Gondola.   It’s a short walk to the race trail.
Waterville – Register in the race building, which is to the left facing up the mountain in front of the chair lifts. Sit at the main floor of main lodge. It’s a fairly long walk to the race trail. 
Ragged – Register and sit in the upper floor of the first building on the right when you come up the walkway. You can see the race trail from the bottom.
Cannon – Register and sit in the race lodge, which is a ways up the trail on the right (long walk). It’s a tiny lodge. The lodge is at the bottom of the race trail. 
Crotched – Register and sit on the main floor of the “metal” building that looks like it could be an aircraft hanger. The race trail ends at the bottom of the mountain.
Wildcat – Register and sit in the lodge that is a little ways up the mountain straight in front of you after you walk past the main lodge that is next the parking lot. The race trail is a short walk to the right of the lodge.
Cranmore – Normally register and sit in the lodge that is way over the left when you drive in (left of the main lodge with ticket sales and ski school.   The race trail is a long walk depending on which trail they are running on.
How do the race days work?
The following is typical, check with coaches for specific daily routines.
7:30 – 8:15: Register and get dressed
8:15 – 8:30: Group together outside on snow
8:30 – 9:15: Course inspection (they don’t ski the course, they just look at it to get comfortable)
9:30 – 10:00: 1st run normally begins between 9:30 and 10:00 AM
11:30-12:30: 1st run normally ends. 
Between runs, you need to find your kids clothes and feed them QUICKLY. The girls will go out earlier so get the lunch right after their run, even if that is at like 11:00 AM. You need to fine their clothes because the coaches usually carry stuff down in a HUGE pile and dump it in the lodge or in front of the lodge.
Label your kid’s stuff really well and understand that this process is a little crazy and things will get mixed up between kids and on occasion they will in the wrong mountains pile or some other unfortunate location. The problem is that when 200 kids take the outer gear off a minute before their run, it just gets a little messy and there is no good accounting system. 
11:30 – 12:45: Sometime in this zone there is a second run inspection. The courses are often changed between runs so the athletes need to get comfortable with the new course. In section usually opens around ½ hour after the end of first run and lasts no more than one hour. If we are tight on time, we may start inspection before the course is set (this is not “normal”, but does happen). 
12:30 – 1:00: Approximate time for a “typical” second run start.
2:00 – 4:00: Approximate time for second run finish. 
Now it is time again for you to sort through the pile of cloths for your kid’s stuff. Please make sure the labels are yours, everyone has black warm-ups. 
Awards: Usually 1 hour after the race ends. Attendance is not mandatory, but at the end of the BWL qualifiers and other significant events, it is great to support the team. We are all in this together regardless of place. 
Can I get a reduced price ticket?
Sometimes mountains will offer discounts to friends and family of racers. If you want, you can all contact the away mountain race secretary to volunteer. This will usually get you a ticket for the day plus a voucher for a free ticket in exchange for your help (usually gate keeping).