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Open Race
U10, U12, U14

Open races are optional fun races attended at athlete/parent discretion.  The lead coach for each age group decides at the beginning of the season which Open Races are supported by coaches. For the U12/14 the coaching staff often selects to support open races hosted at the same site as a Qualifiers or Champs. Refer to the Race Info tab on the age group page for a list of supported races. If an open race is not listed, we are not providing coaching support for that race.

An open race is an event that you as a parent have to register your athlete for by mailing in a USSA voucher.  A few vouchers come with your USSA competition guide.  You can also find a PDF file on the http://www.nhalpine.org/ site.  This same site also has the addresses to mail the vouchers to for each race and the fee for each race.  Race details are also available in the USSA competition guide.  The NHARA handbook is available at http://www.nhalpine.org/ and also mailed to you as a small green booklet.  The handbook includes procedures in the “Race entry procedures & Addresses to enter races” section.

Open races are scheduled in December and January, and after Champs in March. They generally have limited entry so you should send in your vouchers early.  


U12, U14

These are races we would like all athletes to attend. Parents don’t need to send any vouchers as the coaches send a list of the athletes to the hosting organization that serves as “registration.. 

Parents do need to bring a check or cash for registration for each athlete.  There is no voucher, but there is a race fee collected the day of the race.

More details on the qualifiers can be found in the NHARA handbook athttp://www.nhalpine.org/.  During the qualifiers, the State is divided into 4 regions.  Based on the 3 qualifiers, athletes earn the opportunity to move onto additional events.  Qualification is based on the best 2 of 6 individual runs (3 races, 2 runs per race).  The quotas are defined annually based on enrollments numbers in each region.

Regardless of qualification results, all athletes get to attend a special State wide event, the Finals or the Championships.


U12, U14

Participation based on Qualifier results. The details of the race are provided in an information packet following the last of the 3 Qualifiers.  The information package includes registration, event and logistical information.  For final/champs events not held at Gunstock, families often stay near the mountain hosting the race to make it an extra fun event, this is a nice perk for athletes and families, but is not required.