Consignment Drop Off

Friday, November 6, 2019

4 pm to 7:30 pm

On Friday evening you can drop off used equipment to sell on consignment, and after adding consignment items you can shop.

Consignment Fees  We charge $3 for 1 to 5 items, $5 for 6 to 10 items, $1 per item for 11 or more items. A 25% commission is retained by Gunstock Ski Club for items that are sold.

To speed up the drop off process, please fill out and bring in a printed consignment form. Open the form in Adobe Reader, type in your data, print it, and bring it consignment drop off. When you arrive you will receive tags with numbers used to identify your items.

When you arrive to drop off items you will complete a consignment form (if not already done), fill out a tag for each item, attach the tag the item, and write in the tag number next to the item on the consignment form.

We do not accept straight skis or helmets, and only accept flat soled ski boots. We reserve the right to decline consignment items based on safety concerns or condition of items, and older bindings must be on an approved list. 

The PDF version of the consignment and waiver form allows you to type in your contact information, item prices and description in on your computer. There are some quirks with using the form and hopefully these hints will help you.

  • The Chrome and Firefox browsers can open the form directly and when this occurs the fields in the form may not be editable. If you download the form you can open it using Adobe Reader and enter your information.
  • After opening the form in Adobe Reader you may receive a message indicating you cannot save the form. If this happens you can still enter your information and print the form.

If you receive a message indicating you cannot save the form you will still be able to enter your data and print.

Download Adobe Reader

You may need to download Adobe Reader to view, edit and print the Consignment Form.

Donate To GSC

You can donate the proceeds from the sale of your consignment items to the Gunstock Ski Club by checking the "Donate Proceeds to GSC" option on the consignment form. Thank you!!!